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Written by on 17/05/2019

Greek Community of Melbourne’s tribute to Bob Hawke

The Greek community of Melbourne mourns the loss of a great Australian
visionary and strong advocate of social justice and multiculturalism, former prime
minister Bob Hawke.

Initially through his leadership of the ACTU in the 1970s, he developed close ties
with Australians of ethnic background and clearly understood the need to engage
with them and encourage their active involvement in the Australian narrative and
way of life, be that in their workplace or in the community institutions which they

He will be remembered for many great achievements and defining moments. His
role in ending apartheid in South Africa, his efforts to demolish the gender pay
gap and the launch of Medicare in 1984 as Australia’s first affordable universal
healthcare system are just some of those.

The Greek community is especially proud of the fact that Bob Hawke attended
and opened the inaugural Antipodes festival in 1988.He maintained a close
friendship not only with the leaders of our organisation but with many Greek
Australians of all walks of life.

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