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Formerly conjoined twins Nima and Dawa have been given a hero’s welcome home in Bhutan after being separated in life changing surgery in Melbourne. Their father, Sonam Tsherand, cried tears of joy as he held his daughters for the first time since their separation. Five months after the sisters – born joined at the chest […]

Residents were advised to shut doors and windows and switch off heating and cooling systems to prevent smoke getting into homes. Schools have been closed and residents in parts of Melbourne’s west have been told to shelter inside as a huge factory fire sends toxic smoke into the suburbs. Key points: Residents within 500m of […]

Ireland has overwhelmingly voted to liberalise its abortion laws, in a referendum that surprised almost everyone by revealing a fervour for change in this formerly conservative, strictly Catholic country. Exit polls showed that more than two-thirds of voters wanted to repeal the country’s Eighth Amendment, which in 1983 had enshrined in the constitution the right […]

An extra 800,000 doses of the flu vaccine will be manufactured in response to increasing shortages across Australia. Key points: 800,000 new doses of flu vaccine ordered Shortages reported in NSW, Victoria and ACT A rush on vaccines in 2018 follows a horror flu season in 2017 The announcement comes as some doctors have had to […]

Sex can be painful for many reasons. Candidiasis (thrush), endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, trauma, not being aroused, and simple dryness from breastfeeding or after menopause can all contribute to the problem, which hinders as many as one in five women. As well as the physical burden, pain during sex can harm both relationships and self […]

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