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George Tsitsis

George Tsitsis shows

Kalla’s corner

Tuesdays 7pm

Who is George ? Born and bread in Melbourne with a twist. Somehow found every sporting team team that is a tragedy to support. A product of local Greek and Australian culture yet influenced spiritually by the land of the Gods Greece. By day I play the role of a professional in my field and escape to Greece with my imagination.

I love my Greek music , the teachings of our ancients and I even keep it real by having my own veggie patch. Passionate about Greece and Australia and and more importantly about how technology and we the people can make the world we live in a better place.

I would also add. Born here because my dad and mum prior to meeting each other decided to chase the dream sailing for over 40 days on a ship to a land called Australia.

As grand am said.

Keep flying back to the best called Hellas for one day you will grow old and the wings will become weak. Then followed by the above one which says who is George.

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