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Spiros Kalaitzidis

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Coming from the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, I feel lucky I had the chance to grow up in this magical place where music and culture are everywhere and anywhere.

Since I was a teen I was associated with bands, musicians, concerts and festivals. In my bands I used to play the bass guitar and do the vocals.

Horror stories, occult and mystery tales have always attracted me and I admire writers such as Lovecraft, Poe, Rice, Tolkien and King.

On my brighter side I am a huge fan of Arkas the best Greek cartoonist, my cat Lucretia is named after his fictional cat in one of his series “Lucretia and Castratos”.

I love nature and the tranquility it offers, this is why I chose to focus my studies around nature.

I started with agriculture and wine making and continued with landscape architecture. Together we will take a walk on the wild side. Stay tuned!

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